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Jessica Low

Director, Choreographer, Performer, Educator


JESSICA LOW is a Seattle-based Director, Choreographer, Performer and Teaching Artist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from the University of Washington and her credits include work with various theatres throughout the Pacific Northwest including The 5th Avenue, Village Theatre, ACT, Seattle Children's Theatre, Sound Theatre Company, Showtunes, ArtsWest and The Bigfork Summer Playhouse.  


In 2014 Jessica received the Gregory Award for Outstanding Choreography for The Wild Party produced by Sound Theatre Company.  Jessica is also the Director of the Competition Performance Team at Big Star Studios in Snoqualmie. Outside of theatre, Jessica loves spending time with her family, friends, and her two fur babies Jovi and Jax. 

"Jessica Low is an absolutely wonderful, inventive, and caring director to work with. She understands and anticipates problems of both the actors and designers. Very often when I have worked with her, we arrive ready for tech days before tech actually begins. Watching her work with adult professionals and student actors is a treat. Being a fantastic and effortlessly brilliant actor herself, she is already in the mind of her cast and can easily communicate to actors in a way they will understand and take her notes to heart. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy working with her as a choreographer. Because she has the mind of a director and a musician, her choreography is never contrived or self glorifying but always serves the story, the music, and the show as a whole. I love working with Jessica as an actress, choreographer and director. She is truly a force to be reckoned with and a gem of the Seattle musical theater scene."

-Michael Nutting (Music Director, Composer)

"Jessica Low is a consummate professional who wears many hats in Seattle. As a Director, she brings a clear vision and sharp focus in her story telling that is creatively rewarding. She is sensitive to the needs of each department by trusting and lifting up her team members and designers.  As a teacher, she is patient and kind.  Interacting with her on both a professional and personal level is nothing short of delightful."

-Brandon Peck (Music Director, Composer)

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